"My mom is the true definition of a mom. She made so many sacrifices for me and my siblings.  She never made us feel like we were poor. That's because we had everything that we needed. We never went without food or a roof over our heads. When Christmas came we had toys and filled Christmas Stockings. When it comes to putting my most memorable moment or time into words its hard because there is so many. Even when she knew that she was dying she still held strong and never allowed us to know that she was scared. Even though she is gone, she is still with us in spirit. I know this because I live the way she would have wanted me to. Whenever the holidays come around I celebrate them the way she would have wanted. On November 2nd of every year my family and I send up one teal balloon for every year she has passed. When it comes to the foundation my brother Michael has setup in honor of my mom, I think it's the greatest gift that could have ever been given to my mom. But it's also a gift to those who can benefit from this foundation."
-Her proud son, George Spencer
"The Judy V. Spencer Fund started as a promise I made to my mother prior to her passing away in November of 2011.  I told her I'd do whatever it took to keep her memory alive.  You see, my mom was a victim of domestic violence by my father.  He physically and mentally abused her.  She was a woman of 4'10 stature who had the courage to take me and my three older siblings out of this situation to give us a better life.  Some 30 years after the abuse, she still carried hatred of my father, requesting that he not be allowed to go to her funeral.  I cannot imagine the amount of courage it took to leave a situation such as hers but I'm so grateful to her for that courage.  The reason we include animals as part of the fund is simply because of the bond my mom had with her beloved dog, Montana.  Montana was the runt of the litter.  It seems my mom was drawn to those who were weak because she felt she could make those stronger.  Probably because she had experienced the difficulties of life and knew how to survive.  Montana and my mom had a bond that was as strong as she had with her own children.  This fund helps those families who are in difficult situations and who have beloved pets that they care so deeply about.  She is an inspiration to me and so many others not only by the way she survived a very abusive situation but also by the courage she showed in battling ovarian cancer for 23 months.  I hope she can be an example to others and be beacon of light to those in similar situations."
-Her proud son, Michael P. Spencer